NextRidge Inc., a corporation headquartered in Albany, New York, is a management holding company that provides diversified management services and investment capital to businesses within the northeast United States.

NextRidge Inc. is the parent company of ANS Advanced Network Services LLC, NextRidge Capital LLC, Raize Staffing Solutions LLC, and TAG Solutions LLC. Through its management team and committed employees located in Albany, the company provides business management services and investment capital to these portfolio companies.

A core team of visionary executives recognized that there is an under served market for strategic planning with growth companies within the Tech Valley Region, their mission is to serve that market. NextRidge’s executive team and employees have crafted a dynamic corporate culture that emphasizes people as the essential corporate asset, and values as the foundation for long term business growth.

TAG Solutions is the premier business communications provider in Upstate and Central New York State. The company offers communications technology, infrastructure, and applications services to colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, municipalities, and other enterprises throughout the region.
Advanced Network Services provides industry-leading engineering, procurement, installation, and project management services to telecommunications carriers and equipment manufacturers throughout North America.